Monday, November 14, 2011


Wow! its been a while astronauts.

Whats going on tho?

Going through some stuff in my life right now that is killing me both emotionally and physically. I have been down for like 3years (considering one day feels like a year ). Hopefully, i won't break down anytime soon. I wish i could just press my reset button or some shit and go back in time. I can barely write, i don't even dream anymore... Today is Monday, assignments due and i haven't done shit, didn't even touch my books this weekend. Nothing.


Oh well, about to go start my week with a fake smile on.
Konichiwa Astronauts,
Over and out!

Friday, August 12, 2011

The way i see it

  The way i see it, some people are never meant to be happy. Maybe i am tripping, depressed or going through a bad time but it is the fact. Just when everything in my life seems to be perfect, something bad happens. This fucking unseen situation seems to create a domino effect that makes every other thing fall apart.
     Hold up, is there anything as being fully-happy? or is it just a feeling we get for a short duration of time?  Maybe i am one of those people that are never supposed to be fully happy. It's either is a family issue or its a work-related issue,either way, something goes wrong. Life happens.
Isn't it fucked up that "we can do everything right but still lose?"

Can you relate to this? because not too many people on this planet understand, with their fucking happy lives, everything goes right, they get everything they want and shit. I appreciate my life, don't get me wrong but damn, can a nigga be happy without something going wrong for atleast 2-3weeks straight?

A friend sent me this on skype earlier, it cheered me up a little.
Thanks, you know who you are.


I'm losing interest in everything. I need to find what makes me happy, because nothing really does.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Just a loner

I met this pretty girl at the club last night and she asked me a question, "why don't you go out?" and my reply, 'i dont have alot of friends & i dont know too many people out here' but i just realized i lied to her because before i got inside the club about 7-8 people i'm very familiar with showed up. I think i have been alone for too long that it makes it hard for me to open up. All these friends around me and i still feel lonely. #DEEP

Having a alot of friends including some fake ones or having just a few trustworthy friends? 
I dont know which one is better. 

Maybe i need to go out more often, hang out with some friends, keep in touch and all but.....

i'm just a loner :(

Monday, May 30, 2011

Untitled: raw digital emotion

#np Jim Jones- Perfect day
Headphones on,
volume turnt up!

I have so much anger in me right now and i can't take it out on anyone. I think if i continue to repress my anger I'll breakdown or explode. I wish i could just click the preference tab, click privacy and delete history, if it'll help me forget how much anger i'm feeling.

Maybe thats the reason i always chill in my room, open the window and watch the world go by. I guess thats the reason i'm a loner and i get really depressed. It's no news that I have a "f-ck the world, i really don't care" attitude, but that is not always a good thing. 

You want to know something crazy? it's like i can feel the anger hitting my chest, trying to get out and my consciousness wont let it. If i don't look for a solution real quick. I might just..... 

break down.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Define happiness. 
You know what? f-ck search engines & dictionaries. What is your own definition of happiness?
Are we ever truly happy?  Or happiness is just a myth because i don't get it. And to answer your question, yes  you are right, i'm angry right now.  


I think i feel better now. Life is crazy yo, very crazy. Goodnight.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Is this thing on? (*taps mic*)
OK it is.

wow! it is definitely a honor to host this big event, you all have played a big part and I want to say thanks to everyone out here. I am not really good at public speaking but i'll try my best.
I have a few bottles right beside me, so lets get started.

(*clears throat*)

First of all, 
S/O to the girls that never gave me a chance. Take a bottle and go sit the f*** down. No hard feelings by the way.

S/O to the friends that talk about me behind my back. What will i do without you guys? :) take one. Oh there are 5 of you?  ok, take one and pass it to the back.

Oh! you are going to love this one.

S/O to the girls that literally wait days to reply my text messages and say some sh** like "i was busy". You were busy? watching 90210 huh? its cool. Not tripping. 

S/O to the friends that only hit me up when they want something. C'mon yo! You are not even on my call log, but its cool, here u go, Moet (Its vintage). 

S/O to all my fake friends, i can always count on em. Always. To disappoint me ofcourse. Here you go, Cristal.

A toast to everyone of you. Cheers.
wow! i feel much better. 
We should do this more often. 

Thanks for coming out. The door is on your left. Get the f*** out of my life. 
I appreciate it.